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Concrete (mundic) Tests in Devon and Cornwall

Concrete testing became necessary because a number of cases occurred where concrete building material started to disintegrate due to the use of mining waste as an aggregate in its manufacture.

Throughout the 19th Century, mining processing waste was commonly dumped in the area, and this was a readily available source of aggregate for concrete manufacture. However, in the 1980s it was discovered that sulphides within the aggregate could cause concrete to decompose over time. Mundic is a Cornish slang word used to describe poor concrete, originating from the mineral pyrite.

All lenders now insist that all properties containing concrete, and built before 1950, are subjected to a concrete screening test before mortgage. (The date for South East Cornwall is 1960) This procedure was introduced in 1994. It applies to all of Cornwall, and the western part of Devon ie Tavistock, Yelverton, Bere Alston etc.

The concrete test regime involves removing samples from the property, by drill, and these are then delivered to a petrographer who will identify the types af aggregate. RICS guidelines require us to take samples from each external wall, the footings, the first floor, any party wall, and an internal wall if relevant. The samples are normally of 50mm diameter. The holes are backfilled with sand and cement, and can be painted over within a day or so.

More than 80% of the properties sampled pass at first examination. Others will often pass after a more detailed examination known as Stage 2.

Our concrete (mundic) tests are carried out in accordance with the current RICS guidelines, and are accepted by all lenders.

The current cost of our concrete tests start from £425.00 + VAT.

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